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Welcome to Fox Creek Winery!

Please take a moment to browse the pages of our site and familiarize yourself with the fine wines we have to offer. We encourage you to visit the winery if possible. Sampling our exceptional wines is the ideal way to pick those that best compliment your palate. All tastings are complimentary and encouraged, so stop by and see what's happening.

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If you would like to place an order, feel free to call the winery so we can help you pick out the perfect wine. If you are shipping to an ILLINOIS address, please call the winery direct at 618-392-0418. If you would like to ship to another state, you can
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Fox Creek Winery is a beautiful setting for any occasion. Please contact us at the phone number below for more information.


(618) 392-0418

Winery Hours

M-F: By Appt
Sat-Sun: 1pm-5pm


5502 N Fox Rd
Olney, IL

About Us

Fox Creek Vineyards Company is a small, family owned and operated winery with our own modest vineyards.

We are located in the Southeastern Illinois countryside amid the low rolling hills of the old orchard country of Richland county. Once the center of the apple and peach growing industry, this area is ideal for the growing of French-American hybrid wine grapes (with one major reservation--late Spring freezes). The soils and the intense summer heat allow the making of wines with very pronounced fruity flavors. This allows us to craft wines in the traditional styles that are a truly unique experience in full flavored, fruity aromas, without the need for heavy oaking.

Our hand crafted wines are produced without fineing, stabilizing, or the use of ion exchange resins. Filtration is done sparingly so as to retain the natural aromas and flavors. We, of course, have to apply some filtration to avoid the chance of pulp and yeast cells in the finished wine.

Because of our hand processing you will be able to see the "wein stone" (tartaric acid crystals) which mark a fine wine. The acidity is maintained in constant equilibrium between the liquid wine and the crystals deposited on the bottom of the bottle. This temperature-dependent equilibrium insures that the wine will always be crisp even though the serving temperature may be less than ideal.

You will note that we also use plastic "corks" that seal the bottle and do not allow corkiness. The bottles do not need to be stored on their side since the cork will remain sealed without being wet. This allows the bottles to deposit the wein stone on the bottom of the bottle where it can be more easily poured off or decanted.

Sweet White

Deer Farm White - 12.99

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Slightly new blend. Sweet white wine blend with citrus aromas and flavors. Great with desserts or after meals. Try with Italian sauces for a nice surprise.

Semi-Sweet White and Blush

Golden Fox - 12.99

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Semi-sweet blend that is brisk with up-front acids and a pleasing finish. Good alone or with white meat and fish. Our answer to a Riesling.

Vixen's Cheek - 12.99

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Semi-sweet Catawba blush wine with very pleasing acidity. Light and fruity; sweet-tart. A great sipping wine, or mixer with ginger ale.

Dry White

Mood Indigo - 12.99

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Dry white wine blend with notes of apple, pear and melon. Nice complexity, with a long finish.

Moon Glow - 12.99

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Dry blended white wine with complex floral, spice, and citrus aromas. Use with more delicately flavored dishes-fish, chicken breast, or rice.

Traminette - 12.99

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Dry white varietal, spicy with floral notes.

Fruit and Specialty Wines

Apple Black Walnut - 13.99

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Fresh Apple Wine with Natural Black Walnut flavor. Sweet and Light.

Aronia Berry -- SOLD OUT!! - 13.99

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Incredibly deep color, delightfully aromatic, rich body and bursting with a complex and EARTHY, bold berry taste. Semi-sweet wine with a long, soft, dryer finish. Aronia Berry is a Superfruit high in antioxidants.

Banana Boat (375ml) -- SOLD OUT!! - 12.99

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Real banana wine with our own caramel recipe and chocolate. You just have to try it!

Berry Blitz - 13.99

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Fresh, juicy blackberries and raspberries create this deliciously flavorful and wonderfully aromatic sweet berry wine.

Blackberry Cheer - 13.99

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Semi-sweet, fruity wine with a bit of zest. Made from Richland/Jasper County grown blackberries.

Caramel Apple - 13.99

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Fresh, local apples enhanced with our own caramel recipe. Mmmm… Sweet Apple Wine with a hint of caramel. Enjoy Summer, Fall, Holidays, or Anytime!

Cherry Bomb - 13.99

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Made from fresh sweet cherries. Nice for after dinner.

ChocoRaz - 13.99

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Sweet Raspberry wine with natural Chocolate flavor. Yummy!!

Dry Apple -- SOLD OUT!! - 12.99

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Crisp and flavourful, light wine made from locally picked apples.

Dry Aronia - 13.99

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Rich body and bursting with a complex and EARTHY, bold berry taste with good tannins and Pinot Noir-like finish. Aronia Berry is a Superfruit high in antioxidants.

Framboise(375ml) --SOLD OUT!! - 12.99

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Dessert wine, very sweet, from pure black raspberries. Naturally fermented - not fortified.

Kickin' the Blues - 13.99

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Fresh Blueberry wine, semi-sweet with light oak.

Peach - 13.99

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Sweet, pure, natural peach wine made from fresh, locally grown peaches.

Pear-fection - 12.99

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Sweet, ripe, fresh pears shine through in this wine to display their natural goodness. Excellent with barbecue or grilled meats.

Plum Passion - 13.99

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Sweet Plum wine, light and fruity. Lovely sipping wine, or try with oriental or lighter dishes and salads.

Raspberry - 13.99

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Fresh hand-picked raspberries with an even balance of sweetness and tartness. Imagine eating a fresh raspberry - without seeds!

Sweet Strawberry -- SOLD OUT!! - 13.99

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Made from fresh strawberries, with a wonderful aroma and flavor. Just imagine the whipped cream!

True Blue - 13.99

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Dry Blueberry Wine with Oak. Made from fresh blueberries.

Sweet Red

Deep Purple - 12.99

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Sweet Chambourcin with great frontal aromas and a long sweet finish. Flavors of a port. Enjoy with red meat or game.

Hearthside II --SOLD OUT!! - 12.99

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Sweet blend with a soft, smooth taste that is light and "grapey". Great after-dinner sipping wine.

Semi-Sweet Red

Chambourcin - 13.99

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Semi-dry Chambourcin grape, medium-bodied wine with great aromas. Try it with any meat or game dish. Surprisingly good with light salads and sandwiches.

Hearthside I -- SOLD OUT!! - 12.99

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Semi-dry blend, soft and smooth with flavors of lambrusco. Use for an invigorating night-cap, or just for fun.

Dry Red

Deer Farm Red - 13.99

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Dry wine with a very brisk opening and a full black cherry aroma enveloped in a bold smokiness. Fantastic with steak and baked potatoes, or with chocolate!

Frontenac - 13.99

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Dry Red Varietal, Smooth and light with dark cherry and plum notes. Compliments red meats, pasta and chocolate.

Marechal Foch - 13.99

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Dry varietal with an exceptionally long finish and deep rich color of wild cherries. Earthy and complex, think steak!

Red Fox - 13.99

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This wine won Double Gold in 2016 at the Illinois State Fair! Dry red blend of Marechal Foch and Chambourcin grapes. A premium wine with a hint of oak.

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Fox Creek Vineyards is located at
5502 N. Fox Rd
Olney, IL 62450.

If you would like to schedule a tour of the winery, or require additional directions, please don't hesitate to call us at:
(618) 392-0418

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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us using this form, or give us a call at:
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